Morse Genius Foundation

Grants Policy

The Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation exists because of the generosity of Jeanette Genius McKean and Hugh Ferguson McKean. It’s grants policy therefore is grounded on the premise that the charitable work of the Foundation should reflect their wishes and interests. Based on that premise, the following priorities are adopted by the Foundation Trustees for their guidance in determining allocation of Foundation funds:

  1. Support of the operations and properties of the Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation.
  2. Support of the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation, to the extent that its revenues are insufficient to support its operations without public support.
  3. Support of charitable organizations which Jeannette G. McKean and Hugh F. McKean supported during their lifetimes.
  4. Support of organizations and activities comparable in purpose to those of organizations in existence and supported by the McKeans during their lifetimes.
  5. Support of other charitable organizations and activities, preferably with a base in Winter Park, Orlando or Florida.

Additional Considerations

  1. The Trustees must give first priority to the proper maintenance and support of the Genius Foundation operations and properties, including, as appropriate, program related use of such properties.
  2. The Trustees recognize that the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation, Inc. will generate substantial income from its own endowment and revenues from admissions, gift shop sales, etc. Grants from the Genius Foundation will supplement these income items and, as determined from time to time by the Trustees, enable additional capital investments and acquisitions by the Morse Foundation. The Trustees intend that, at the request of the McKeans, no public solicitation of operating funds for the support of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art be honored.
  3. The Trustees recognize that some of the organizations supported by Mr. and Mrs. McKean may, over time, change their purpose or even cease to exist. Thus, the fact that an organization received support from the McKeans does not automatically qualify it for support from the Foundation.
  4. The Trustees recognize that organizations will come into existence which did not exist during the lifetime of Mr. and Mrs. McKean. Such organizations that carry on activities or promote purposes supported by the McKeans, will be considered for support by the Foundation.
  5. The McKeans had a great love for the city of Winter Park and its environs. Despite having lived and traveled in many other places, they chose to keep their roots in Winter Park. Hugh McKean grew up in Orlando, and Jeannette McKean’s grandfather, Charles Hosmer Morse, was an early settler and benefactor of Winter Park. Accordingly, to the extent of available funds, the Foundation will favor charitable organizations and activities having a focus in Winter Park, Orlando, or Florida.